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STEP ONE : Don’t pick up the phone.

The only way to be cast on a major film / television production is via our online system.

Before you apply to any of our current casting calls, you must enter your information into the Database. Do not call the Director or Associate/Assistant to give them your résumé, to tell them your work availability, or to ask if you have been booked. 


Because our application system allows for so many entries - there is no way for the Director and her Associate to individually speak to each and every single person who applies.

You are guaranteed a fair shot at being seen by the director.

When you fill out an application form on a calendar date - your name pops up on a 'roll call' style list and automatically pulls your statistics + skills from the information you've entered into our database.

If you do not already have your information entered into the database you will not be booked. 


Please use the same First + Last Name every single time when submitting your Selfie - no nicknames or initials!

Please make sure that it is a current selfie that you just took right now! When takingh your selfie, be sure it is well lit, and with a plain background. (If you use a filter 🚫 the director will not book you!)

The director generally chooses from talent that is local to the city where filming is taking place.

This is for many reasons, but most importantly because increased travel, means increased unknowns. Production cannot take the chance that traveling into town will go as planned.

If you want to make it as an actor/actress you have to relocate for the job (semi) permanently ;) Sometimes, if the look is super-rare, and the talent is especially needed / the role is featured - the Director might just cast someone from out of state for a role on a production.