Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to use a separate email for each person registered?

Each email account is an individual user name for each persons statistics in the kaast™ system.

Parents: Open a new email for each child & forward the child’s email to your main address. Use each individual child’s email as a specific code name to apply for each child :)

Your sizes travel with your email as your personal identifier. Your email ensures your specific sizes and skills travel with each role you apply to.

Instead of emailing sizes over and over, or even worse - filling out long forms over and over and over again…your sizes travel with your email address wherever/whenever you choose to apply.

How can I share my updated Selfie with the Directors?

You must be registered in the Database first before sending any photos or applying.

📸Click here to Upload a Selfie

Please click the button above to update your selfie in our database at any time.  You can also do so on our website.

If you have not registered for the kaast database yet - click here to do so now! Don't upload a selfie without having registered first. :)

If you are in the KAAST database - you will receive an email notification for every single role we are going to cast (which applies to your statistics) guaranteed!

You won't get notifications for minor roles of a different ethnicity/age range, which don't apply to you. The messages you receive will be tailored just for you. (The wardrobe department appreciates your precise measurements.)

We will send a message that is custom made for your data and will consider you for the part as soon as you can put your KAAST database email address into the submissions application.

The message we send to you will always have a button with which you may use to apply conveniently!

All of your measurements/skills will be instantly accessible to the Director, and all you have to do is remember to use the database email to apply and upload a fresh-look selfie each time. The Director can see every picture you've ever uploaded all in one great grid simultaneously.

If you signed up and you haven’t heard from us: we haven't opened up roles yet and will be doing so soon.

We will message you as soon possible!

We are excited to provide you with this opportunity, to ease into a new electronic way of doing things: which will save you time and allow you to apply faster than ever before.


Every time you apply you will send an updated selfie on each application date.


This is so the director can be sure to know exactly what you look like naturally right now!