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Dear Parent,

Your child previously worked as a Seat Pleasant Middle School this past June on the 26th.

We are doing matching scene reshoots and we would like to book your child.

The new rate is now 120 for 8 hours plus any overtime.

It would mean the world to us if you would allow them to get their schoolwork for the days of Thursday October 10th and Friday October 11th and come do it on set while they are waiting in holding.

Please find your child in one of these photos and then please fill out the form below.

Filming will be in or near the same original location. (TBD)

We have a teacher and a medic on set.

Call times will be given the night before.

**Someone else may have reached out to you today from my team - if so I apologize for the double email I just want to get this information re-organized with this new form below**

My team consists of Stephanie, Kay, and myself Bill Marinella.

Could you please join us for an amazing opportunity to create a great show about Kevin Durant? The series Swagger is based on parts of his life, he needs you to help us tell his story!

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